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LEAD Powerbank station with 2 Smallest PD Powerbank 10000mAh,QC3.0,

242.60 SAR 303.47 SAR

Sold Out 58 Time

·     Power bank with station.

·     Bluetooth connection with mobile and any other device.

·     The display shows temperature, clock, humidity and a digital alarm.

·     Control the volume level, settings, and volume up.

·     Two loudspeakers with a power of 2 watts.

·     Two additional fast charging outlets in the platform.

·     Smallest PD technology backup battery

·     10000 mAh battery

·     QC3.0. Fast Charging Port

·     Lightweight and smaller than other chargers on the market

·     Outputs QC 3.0 - TYPE-C

·     Faster and smarter charging than others

·     Allows you to charge your iPhone, Mac and TYPE-C devices freely

·     Automatic smart charging according to your device.

·     Multiple security and protection system

242.60 SAR 303.47 SAR
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