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LEAD MagSafe JP268 Magnet, Wired and Wireless Charging 10000 mAh

129.56 SAR 173.04 SAR

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·     The perfect partner, where are you?

·     Compatible with all iPhones that support wired charging.

·     Unique design.

·     An iPhone charging cable is enough for you to charge the mobile phone and the battery. You can buy a certified charger through the link click here

·     It is small in size, but its power is 10000 mAh, which is enough for you to use it all day long.

·     Easy to use and light weight so that you can take it wherever you go.

·     Dual fast charging with a power of up to 20W provides you with the ability to work all day long

·     15W wireless charging

·     Strong magnet and safety for your device.

·     USB port, fast charging, and Type-C port

·     Lightning input for recharging the battery


129.56 SAR 173.04 SAR
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